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Lean, Tender Beef from the Family Farm

Certified Herford Beef is a full-case beef program providing naturally tender Hereford beef to retail and foodservice outlets across the country. Because tender beef comes from quality bred cattle, our family farmers use only Hereford and Hereford / English crossbred cattle, feed them in the Midwest, the Napa Valley of beef. The result is a consistently satisfying and economically priced product.

Certified Hereford Beef cuts are recognized for their consistent size and uniform plate presentation. Our closely trimmed product delivers taste and tenderness with an optimal balance of marbling and leanness. All Certified Hereford Beef is inspected and certified by USDA meat graders for marbling, maturity, leanness and color. Unlike its competition, Certified Hereford Beef has mostly, as the USDA graders call it, “Small” and “Slight” amounts of marbling, the same as in Choice and Select grades of beef. That means you’re buying the flavor, not the fat of those higher priced brands.

Certified Hereford Beef Specifications:

Hereford and Hereford / English cross cattle
Representative blend of Choice and Select grades
Only steer and heifers under 30 months of age
No dairy influence
Yield grade 4 or better

A Fresh View on Full-Case Meat Solutions

  • Naturally tender
  • Family farmer owned
  • USDA Certified
  • Better cattle means better beef quality
  • Midwestern grain fed
  • Robust flavor
  • Superior yield and economical
  • Consistent, restaurant quality
  • Distinctive banner brand
  • Lean, cherry red case display

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Hereford Beef

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