Indian Hills Meat and Poultry Inc.
Phone: 316-943-8381
Fax: 316-264-0115
Statewide: 1-800-356-0035

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday:
6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

New Location
1200 N Mosley
Wichita, KS 67202

We service:

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 Indian Hills Meat and Poultry Inc

Produce & Misc

Produce & Misc

Fanestil                         Price
Fanestil Baked Beans  
Fanestil 4/1 Hot Links  
Fanestil 8/1 Hot Links  
Fanestil 5/1 Wieners  
Fanestil All Beef 8/1 Wiener  
Medium Eggs  
American Cheese  
Swiss Cheese  
Potato Salad 20#  
Ground Turkey 12/1  
Whole Bull Fries   
P.S.T Bull Fries  
Meat Balls   
Beef Fajita  
Taco Meat  
Refried Beans  
J.M. Honey Glazed Spirals 1/2 Hams  
Virginia Hams  
John Morrell Bavarian Ham  
Nathans Beef Franks 7/1  
Hard Salami  
Peyton Bologna  
Red Snapper  
Willow Brook Ground Turkey  
Breaded 8-piece Chicken  
Jumbo Franks Black Hawks  
Rodeo Sliced Bacon  
Ranch Franks  
Hickory Turkey Breast  
Hillshire Farm Polish  
Beef Franks  
Smoked Sausage Skinless  
Deli Classic Hams  
Pastrami 10#  
Fruits & Produce          Price
Apples - Red 88 Prm  
Apples - Red 113 WXF  
Apples - Gold 96 Prm  
Apples - Granny Smith 88 Prn  
Pears, Bart 70ct #1 US  
Grape Fruit   Red Fancy 48ct  
Lemons  165ct   CH5oz  
Limes     200ct  
Oranges Naval  88ct Fancy  
Oranges Val  113ct Fancy  
Bananas   Delmonte 40#  
Strawberries Calif. 8/1#  
Strawberries Calif. 12/1pt Driscol   
Raspberries    12--1/2pt  
Blueberries     12--1/2pt  
Watermelon Large     Each  
Cantaloupe      9ct  
Cantaloupe      12ct   
Cantaloupe      15ct  
Honeydew        6ct  
Honeydew        8ct  
Grapes    Red Flames XL  
Grapes    Sugra  XL  
Pineapple    7ct XSwt  
Kiwi     20# VF (39sz) Southmill  
Mangos   12ct  
Lettuce   NKD Palltzd 24ct  
Lettuce   Green Leaf Crowns  
Lettuce   Green Leaf 24ct  
Lettuce   Red Leaf 24ct  
Lettuce Romaine  24ct  Prem  
Spring Mix  3# True Leaf  
Lettuce  Toss Salad 4/5 River   
Lettuce  Plain Chopped 4/5 River  
Lettuce  Shredded 1/8" 4/5 River  
Lettuce  Shredded 1/4" 4/5 River  
Lettuce Romaine  Chopped 6/2 River  
Lettuce Romaine Blend 4/5 River  
Kale  Green  24ct  
Kale  Oriental Flowering 24ct  
Carrots Shredded 4/5  
Carrots Sticks 4/5  
Carrots   Jumbo  50#  
Celery  Naked  24ct  
Celery  Naked  36ct  
Celery Sticks  5#  
Corn Yellow  48ct  
Corn  White  48ct  
Corn  Bi Color  48ct  
Cabbage   Jumbo  50#  
Cabbage  Red  
Napa   (Chinese Cabbage)  
Bok Choy                                                          
Cucumber  Select 45#  
Cucumber  Silcers  24ct  
Serranos  1 1/8 bush  
Green Bell Pepper  1 1/8 Bush  
Red Bell Pepper    
Gold Bell Pepper  
Jalapeno Peppers  
Zucchini Med  
Yellow Squash  Med  
Eggplant  Fancy  24ct  
Garlic Whole Peeled 4/5  
Garlic Super Jumbo  30#  
Alfalfa Sprouts  5#  Sweetwater  
Bean Sprouts  5# Sweetwater  
Parsley  60ct  
Cilantro  60.ct  
Sno Peas  10#  
Turnip  25# Poly  
Leeks   12ct  
Onion  Yellow  Jumbo  50#  
Onion Red Jumbo  25#  
Onions White Med  50#  
Onions Green  Pencil  48ct  
Onions Green  Med  48ct  
Potatoes  10oz Idaho  #2   50#  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  40ct  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  50ct  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  60ct  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  70ct  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  80ct  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  90ct  
Potatoes  Idaho Bakers  100ct  
Potatoes Red  'A" sz  50#
Potatoes Red  'B" sz  50#  
Potatoes  Sweet #1    40#  
Mushrooms  Medium 10#  Southmill  
Mushrooms  Large 5#  Southmill  
Mushrooms  Thick Slice 10# Southmill  
Mushrooms  Thin Slice  10#  Southmill  
Mushrooms  Portabella  5#  
Tomatoes 6x6  LG  25#  
Tomatoes  Roma   Med/LG  25#  
Tomatoes  Cherry  12/1 Pint  
Tomatoes  Grape  12/1  Clamshell  
Ginger Root  
Spinach Bunch  24ct  
Spinach  Cello  12/10oz Popeye  
Asparagus  Stnd. 11/1#  
Asparagus  Stnd. 28/1#  
Artichokes  24ct (Garrozo)  
Avocados  Hass  48ct  
Avocados   Pulp 8/2#                                                        
Green Beans  24#  
Broccoli  Florett     4/3   River Ranch  
Broccoli Bunch  14ct  
Broccoli Crowns  20#  
Cauliflower  Cello  Calif. 12ct  
Cauliflower  Floretts   4/3  
Radish  40#
Pepsi 24/12oz  
Pepsi 24/16oz  
Coca Cola 24/12  
Coca Cola 24/16  
Sprite 24/12oz  
Sprite 24/16oz  
Sangria Senoral 24/11.6oz  
Sidral Mudet 24/12oz  
Jarritos Watermelon  
Jarritos Limon  
Jarritos Tamarindo  
Jarritos Mandarina  
Jarritos Pina  
Jarritos Strawberry  
Jarritos Fruit Punch  
Jarritos Grape Fruit  
Jarritos Fresa  
Boing Mango  
Boing Peach  
Boing Guava  
Topo Chico  
ta Lift 24/16oz apple  
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